Serving and supporting is about the actual work of the organization; it’s the purpose and mission.

A vital component of abundant living involves the ability—and opportunity—to relate to others and enjoying the benefits of community inclusion. Stated from an ethical, socially responsible perspective, achieving this objective requires that staff in an organization assist people with disabilities to achieve their personal goals and address those behaviors that prevent them from becoming physically or psychologically close to other people. It’s actually very challenging to be successful in supporting individuals to achieve their goals and make plans that can be accomplished without having a person-centered culture.

How We Can Help
Our consulting team will assist you in reviewing and strengthening your current approach to person-directed services — beyond mere regulatory compliance.

Working to create and maintain a person-centered organization is not easy, especially in today’s economy.

Cherry Hill Consulting Group has worked with organizations to establish values, empower staff, address dilemmas and problems, and increase communication effectiveness. 

Our approach is a focus on the ultimate aim to help people flourish and experience well being consistent with the principles of positive psychology.

A New Plan by Thane and Art Dykstra, is a fresh look at Person-Centered Planning. Updating the important concepts of Person-Centered Planning, this is a book rich in information and ideas that will change our thinking and approach to Person-Centered Planning.

“Being person-centered is not the icing on the cake, it is the cake.”
                                       Helen Sanderson