Recently I received an email that invited me to register for a professional training opportunity. The title intrigued me. It was on Compassion Cultivation.

At first, I thought it was a joke – someone was kidding me. But that wasn’t the case. My second thought following shortly after I read the invitation was a question. Do we have to be trained in everything we do today? Do we need classroom training as adults in doing what is right, just and fair, to behave decently, to use common courtesy, practice good manners and treat others with respect?

How sad that the behavior our parents should have modeled for us and taught us has become the business of consultants and academics. Do we really have to be trained – complete with CEUs – to have a desire to help someone else?

And no, I don’t intend to Google “Compassion Science.”



Proverbs 20:5

The purposes of a person’s heart are deep waters, but one who has insight draws them out.


Can't Not Do

Under the Hood

Stan Slap (2015, Penguin Random House) 

There are many books and journal articles being published today that address the issue of organizational culture. Under the Hood is a very practical, easy-to-read examination of corporate culture that is among the most helpful. Each chapter contains thoughtful, helpful, and sometimes humorous insights that reinforce the role that culture plays in developing a successful organization. They include statements like the following:

  • “If the culture wants something to happen in your business, it will. If it doesn’t, it won’t.”
  • “A culture lives under the rug.”
  • “Culture is never more united than when it is aroused, either by attacks or inspiration.”
  • “Your employee culture wants peace of mind lot more than it wants a piece of the pie.”
  • “Bringing entrepreneurs into a complex enterprise that favors control over creativity is like thinking, now that you’ve got your log cabin, it would be a swell idea to get a few termites as pets.”

Much of the above is curated under the Seven Deadly Sins of Cultural Commitment. If you are interested in looking at your organization’s culture and further understanding the role that employees have in shaping it, this is a book you should read.



If you are curious about curiosity this book is for you.

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